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Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing has become the most unique and durable flooring option on the market since every concrete floor has singular characteristics. This process is being used in retail stores, large box stores, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, restaurants, office environments, and even in residential homes.


 Concrete polishing is a multi-step diamond-grinding and polishing process which delivers options of designs depending on the quality  and the condition of the surface.  The process uses diamonds to “grind” the concrete smooth, similar to the sanding of wood. Each step utilizes a different diamond grit incrementally to create a smooth substrate floor. Colored dyes can be utilized to tint the slab to a specific color. Matching joint fillers and repair products can be utilized to make the concrete more consistent and easier to maintain. The diamond grinding equipment is also productive at removing old floor coverings to prepare for finished polish floor applications. The grinding equipment is paired with industrial HEPA vacuums to ensure a dust free, safe and clean process. 

In addition to the low maintenance feature, a polished concrete floor can brighten a space by its inherent reflectivity properties. Most of the large retail warehouse stores utilize polished concrete in their facilities because it is easier to clean and reflects up to 30% more light. Most of the products utilized to deliver a polished floor are non-toxic, low VOC, and low odor so that it is consistent with its “green” construction affiliations. 


The options for concrete polishing finishes are endless.  Contact Commercial Floor Solutions LLC today at 616-813-6667 to assist with  your projects based on your needs and budget. 

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