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Floor Maintenance Programs 

Cleaning: Polished Concrete requires very little cleaning, other than a daily dust mopping or occasional mechanical floor scrubbing.  However sand, abrasive soils, dirt and salts can wear through the protectant and can ultimately cause your floors to appear less reflective over time. Utilizing doormats in heavy foot traffic areas will protect salts, sand and other outside elements from doing damage to your floors spill protectant properties.

Spills: Polished concrete is extremely durable and resistant, especially after being sealed and a stain protectant has been applied.  The application of the protectant allows for a window of opportunity to prevent your spills from staining discoloring or damaging your floors.  It is imperative that you clean spills as soon as possible and certainly do not permit spills to sit overnight.

Occasional Needs:  In order to promote the longevity of the shine of your polished concrete flooring, it may be necessary to buff the floor with a high speed burnisher equipped with a diamond impregnated burnishing pad.  Reburnishing can revitalize the finish to look newly installed.  Depending on the traffic across your polished floor, you can have the stain protectant re-applied.  The need will become apparent when buffing no longer revitalizes the shine and/or water is quickly absorbed into the concrete.  If this becomes the case CFS also provides maintenance programs for concrete polished floor applications.  

Contact your CFS representative for information on maintenance programs details at 616-813-6667

Excessive wear is not warranted, here are a few helpful tips to make your floor last:

Have your forklifts adjusted so that should somebody slam the gas pedal to the floor, the tires will not spin. 


Install white urethane tires on your forklifts.  White tires help eliminate tire marks.

If forklifts go out to an exterior parking lot, have the parking lot swept periodically.  Sweeping the parking lot will limit the amount of debris dragged in from the outside.

Wash your floor with minimal soap or detergent.  Washing your floor will continue to make your floor shine and continue to densify the surface for months.

Most importantly, if your floor coating system is damaged in anyway that the concrete has been exposed, a repair to the coating should be addressed as soon as possible to eliminate the penetration of water, oils or other contaminants from getting under the  surrounding bonded coating, for this will start a continued delamination of the system.

On high traffic applications such as aisle ways, a buff-and-recoat system can be periodically applied to protect the under coating and provide a fresh  topcoat for aesthetic purposes. Contact your CFS representative at 616-813-6667 about preserving your coatings and prevent needing to replace your system before it is to late to save.

Epoxy Floor System Maintenance

Polished Concrete Maintenance

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