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Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial and Manufacturing Floor Coating Systems are typically systems that need to provide the toughest protection.

With high traffic and a lot of abuse, these floors need to be protected from being worn down so a wide variety of applications can be provided to protect your concrete.  Not only abusive situations break down your concrete floors, but the liquids and fluids that our industries use in their processes can saturate into non-coated concrete making cleaning a real problem.

Every heavy duty flooring system for industrial or manufacturing facilities can be modified to the needed protection your plant or facility may require to provide the necessary protection or needs.

Epoxy, Urethane, Chemical Resistant, Novilac Systems can provide what you need, we just need to target your concerns  and provide the best flooring solution for your facility.

There are other areas within the industry besides flooring that may also need repairs and/or coatings, such as walls and containment - hazardous areas.  Coatings are available to address these applications as well.

Concrete repairs, control joint repairs, and possibly new traffic lines need to be installed, CFS can help with those projects as well.

Call your CFS representative at 616-813-6667 to assist in your facilities flooring requirements.

ESD Conductive Coatings     Chemical Resistant Coatings     Poly Urethane Coatings     Vinyl Ester Coatings

     Traffic Line Coatings     Decorative Coatings     Metallic Coatings     Wall Systems     Heavy Duty/Light Duty Coatings

Food & Beverage Facilities     Clean Rooms     Warehouse Distribution     Loading Docks     Chemical Processing

     Pharmaceutical/Biotech     Hazardous Areas     Containments     Retail/Commercial Storefronts     Restrooms & Lockers

Manufacturing Plants     Office Spaces     Showrooms     Airplane Hangers     Classrooms     Garages     Churches

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