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Commercial Floor Solutions LLC is a full service flooring company providing services to the industrial, commercial and residential marketplaces. New construction projects, renovations of old concrete floors or even a small garage floor needing an epoxy coating is our game. Our teams have 20+ years of experience installing all types of flooring systems throughout the United States.  CFS can provide the best efficient flooring solutions to our customer's  to best meet their specific needs and requirements.

We specialize in Industrial and decorative concrete polishing, industrial and decorative epoxy coatings, vinyl and wood floor coverings and cementitious toppings.  

CFS strives to obtain the highest products and quality in our perfection in our services.

Welcome to Commercial Floor Solutions 

REMOVE THE OLD:                                                                            PREPARE FOR NEW:

Epoxy or Paint                                                                                       New Epoxy

Glue or Mastic                                                                                       New Carpet or Tile

Thin-set or Tile Mortar                                                                           Concrete Polishing

Un-even control joints or high spots                                                     Control Joint Filling

Damaged Concrete                                                                               Concrete Repairing

Containment Repairs                                                                             Poly Urea Systems

 Dusting Concrete                                                                                 Traffic Line Placement


                                                                                                                Concrete Sealing

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